Blackhead Extractor

using a blackhead extractor

Whether anyone likes it or not, dealing with pimples, acne or other skin blemishes is just someone everyone has to go through at some point in their lives. Blackheads are among the most embarrassing of all “zits,” but a blackhead extractor can help you take care of the problem safely and effectively. Continue reading to learn how to properly use an extractor for blackheads and how to get rid of those unsightly blemishes for good.

How to Use a Blackhead Extractor

An extractor for blackheads is used for removing blemishes from areas on the body most commonly found including the face, nose area or other areas such as the back or chest. While someone may feel the only way to remove blackheads is to visit a dermatologist, they should know they may remove their blackheads themselves at home. Not only will this help to save a dermatologist visit, it will also prevent an embarrassing moment at the dermatologist’s office. It can also save you valuable time and money.

Prepping Procedure

Before one uses a blackhead extractor tool, they will need to prepare the specific area first. An individual may wet a cloth in warm water and place it on their skin to help open the pores on the person’s skin. This will allow the blackhead extractor to easily extract the black heads from their skin. This process should be repeated until the person’s skin is efficiently warmed so their pores are open.

Blackhead Extractor Procedure

When ready, the person may place the blackhead extractor tool opening over the blackhead and press down on the tool gently to remove the blackhead. The blackhead extractor will pull the blackhead from the pore; afterwards, the person may also scrape excess oil accumulation around their ears, nostrils, or underneath the chin using the extractor tool scraper. This will help to prevent new blackheads from forming.