Pronexin Acne Treatment

what is proexin acne treatment

What is Pronexin Acne Treatment?

Acne is a condition that affects mostly the skin on the face, neck and back. It is caused when the skin pores get clogged by dead skin and oil. Acne can also leave scars once the lesions start to heal. Therefore, most treatment strategies focus on preventing the lesions from forming and also on preventing infections. Some of the treatment methods work on reducing the amount of produced oil, or increasing the rate at which skin is turned over. This is supposed to prevent and stop the bacterial infections that lead to the formation of the acne lesions. Other strategies focus on managing the inflammation. Some of the remedies that treat acne utilize all of the above strategies for example, pronexin acne treatment.

How Does it Work?

There are major differences between Pronexin and other methods of acne treatment. Other treatments can be in the form a lotion, which may contain unnatural preservatives and other chemicals. Pronexin acne treatment is an all-natural system. This allows Pronexin acne treatment to be sold over-the-counter.

In some cases where the infections of the lesions are severe, antibiotics may even be prescribed. However, some of the naturally occurring herbs that are found in Pronexin acne treatment have antiseptic characteristics, eliminating the need for antibiotics. It also contains other herbs with have known beneficial properties combating acne. Among the 33 herbs found in Pronexin acne treatment are aloe vera, white willow, calendula, tea tree oils and licorice root.

These herbs have anti-inflammatory properties, natural detoxifying properties and healing properties. It also contains green tea extract, which has known antioxidant properties.

Acne starts with the clogging of the pores, Pronexin acne treatment works by reversing the process. Its herbal components start by penetrating into the spore, clearing the infection, and stop the inflammation, leaving a clear skin.