Isolaz Acne Treatment Reviews


Isolaz acne treatment reviews as being the most innovative, unique light pulse therapy used to treat acne and reduce redness. According to Isolaz acne treatment reviews, lifestyle changes are not required, nor any topical or oral medications. Here, we will further explore Isolaz acne treatment and examine if it may be right for you.

Isolaz Acne Treatment Reviews: How it Works

Most notably, the Isolaz acne treatment system is safe and efficient for use on all skin types. The Isolaz process is highly beneficial for hard to treat and/or unresponsive cases of acne. It can be used as a single treatment or in combination with other therapies depending on your physician’s recommendations. Isolaz acne treatment reviews are notorious for their long-lasting, clear, radiant skin.

Isolaz, also known as photopnuematic technology, uses pulse therapy as the broadband light painlessly vacuums, deep cleans and purifies the pores. The light and vacuum technology are Isolaz trademarks.

The vacuum cleans the pores using light pressure, removes dead skin cells leaving the skin with a natural glow, while the broadband light destroys the acne causing bacteria and softens/removes blackheads and other imperfections. The heat and suction keeps the pores from clogging.

In 2008, the Gold Skin Care Center and Tennessee Clinical Research Center studied the proficiency of the photopnuematic specialty. The clients had various acne lesions and were treated with four photopnuematic sessions at three week intervals.

The lesions were found to have significantly decreased for months following the last treatment. Based on the study, Isolaz acne treatment reviews were proven safe and effective for treating mild to moderate acne.

The Isolaz acne treatment process is painless and usually takes between twenty to thirty minutes depending on the size of the affected area. Another great aspect of the treatment is that Isolaz does not leave the skin red or burned. Water is applied to the area immediately before treatment, the suction vacuum evaporates the water creating a calm, cooling effect. Isolaz acne treatment reviews have confirmed, after treatment, one can continue their normal routine, using same facial cleanser, lotion, makeup, etc.